Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Its 2014.  Wow I cant believe it.  2013 was awesome i went on two cruises and i also got to go to Cabo Mexico.  The first cruise was interesting because it affected my second cruise of the year.  So the first cruise was out of Miami, we were supposed to go to key west then to  Cozumel Mexico but instead of Cozumel we went to Nassau Bahamas.  Which is why that cruise affected my second cruise.  My father in law was so upset at Carnival we went on Norwegion cruise line.  Our next Vaction was to Cabo Mexico.  Wow what a vaction I have never been on vacation were i did absoulty nothing the whole time, it was great.  I had so much fun. The place we stayed at was very authentic. NO TV NO PHONE NO INTERNET it did have AC but only in the bed room.  I really liked it. My last cruise was a 7 day out of Miami again this time we had a balcony. I loved the balcony at night we left the door open and fell asleep to the waves crashing, we went tubing in Jamacia. Swimming with sting rays in Grand Cayman and a relaxing beach in Cozumel.  All in all we had some great vacations in 2013. Now on to 2014

One thing i do know is the sun rises in the east and sets in the west

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