Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

The last two and a half days have been very intresting to say the least. Sat. Morning we got up way to early to clean out our garage. It was a great chance to work on it and it not be to extremely hot out. We all know how hot it can get in Florida. So as my wife finished up the garage I went to play basketball, as I do on Sat. Morning. Not a great showing but well worth the excercise. Came back home felt great to get out on the bike and ride especially when your hot and sweaty. I digress. I come back home and my great wife is still hard at work. The garage turned out amazing. Next on the agenda watch the Gator game which the lost in overtime. This has truly been one of the craziest NCAA Tourmnments I have ever seen. Next up sleep over at grandmas (Karen) played some flash light tag (hide and go seek in the dark) lots of fun. Then comes time to go to sleep out in tents which if anyone knows me Im not a tent kinda guy but I do it for everyone else. Worst sleep I have gotten in a really long time. I was cold craped and restless. But one thing prevailed I had my love by my side and it was great to snuggle up to her to keep warm, and finally I slept. Next morning up and at em Mickey mouse waffles Carter to his mom and off to start some lawn mataintance. Can I get an hour of sleep in between all of this and being back out to Scotts b-day lunch. Knock knock knock. It's the kid neighbor who likes to interupt my mid morning nap.

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